5 Top Tips to Get Rid of Pain in 2019

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Gosh, I know it’s been a while since I blogged. I’ve been learning and teaching lots, but somehow it just hasn’t come together in one cohesive blog. So, to kick start myself, here are my 5 quick top tips to help you get rid of pain in 2019.

  1. Move lots and in different ranges of motion – Kelly Starret, Doctor of Physiotherapy coined the phrase Motion is Lotion. And it really is true. Our joints respond to motion by creating more synovial fluid which keeps them juicy and healthy. And, if you stop moving our arms, legs and spine in different directions, your body will save energy by fixing things in place. Then you’ll get pain – possibly in the areas that are still moving, because they are restricted.
  2. Start with a safe speed and safe range of motion – there is no point in “grinning and bearing it”. Your brain will get the message that movement is horrible and you won’t want to move again. Starting with slow, gentle movement in an environment where you feel safe will allow your brain to switch off the alarm system and start to enjoy moving again. Of course, for some people this is best done with the help of a Pilates Coach or other movement teacher to allow you to really slow down and tune in to what feels good for you.
  3. Build movement in to your daily life – this means deliberately putting that tin of beans on the bottom shelf so that you have to squat to get them or, as my clients sometimes do, doing some stretches as you stand at the bus stop. And, how about a walk with a friend rather than meeting for coffee?
  4. Eat well – lots of plants, lots of good fluids (not sugary drinks), a balanced diet.
  5. Reduce Stress Levels – Pain is intricately linked with stress. Whether it’s a weekly Pilates or yoga session, a walk on the beach or joining a club or singing group, the key thing is to find what feels good to you and that you enjoy.

Let me know if you have any more top tips!

Maureen Evans

Owner of Complete Movement & Pilates Coach


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