Too much sitting and driving or the use of computers and mobile technology can all impact your posture and how you move. This can cause neck and shoulder pain.

Movement is personal. Because how you move changes over time, you might not have even noticed the changes that are causing your neck and shoulder pain.

We specialise in helping with those everyday aches and pains often caused by features of modern life. Whether you are active the rest of the time, sitting for long periods of time is bad for your health in general and is associated with neck pain and shoulder pain. And, the term text neck is used to define the type of neck pain and shoulder pain resulting from using both mobile devices and desktop computers.

Our massage therapy helps to relieve you of pain and stiffness, allowing you to live pain-free feeling stronger and healthier.

In our Pilates work, as well as the standard exercises for neck and shoulder pain and Pilates moves, we share with you the movements that you can build in to your everyday life to help you change. This approach is unique because we coach you to identify the root cause of your pain or movement problem and the best way to treat it. By empowering you, and helping you to think more positively about your body, we’ll help you to achieve more than you thought possible.

It’s Pilates coaching for modern life, enabling you to live free of pain and reach your full physical potential.

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Movement is personal. How you move is shaped by the makeup of your body, your lifestyle and your past. Those every day aches and pains we feel are caused by unconsciously moving in an awkward way that causes pain and damage to our body.

Our Pilates coaching can help you to correct those awkward movements to discover a new, more comfortable way of moving and prevent those same pains recurring.


Pain is your brain’s way of telling you there’s danger. However, pain signals can, especially with back pain, get stuck in the “on” position. What that means is that your brain tells you there is pain even when there is no danger. This pain signal can get stuck on when, for example, you are stressed (and yes, pain itself can be a stress factor) or if you’ve had pain for a long time (then your brain forgets how to switch the pain off).

Our Pilates coaching can help you to move using different parts of the body so that you’re doing the same movements without feeling pain.

Of course, your neck pain or shoulder pain might be so strong, that even the idea of moving is stressful, in which case our Remedial massage will help the pain signals to “quieten down” before you start your Pilates Coaching. Please get in touch with us to discuss which therapy will suit you best to alleviate your pain.

Come to Complete Movement for your movement “MOT” to discover the root cause of your aches and pains.

Your Movement MOT will give you an understanding of what’s holding you back from:

Relieving your pain & prevent it recurring
Improving your strength & stamina

You’ll share relevant health and fitness history and show us how you move. At the end of the session, we’ll discuss options on next steps. Includes:
an appointment lasting approximately 50 minutes
a movement assessment (please wear suitable clothes)
guidance on the right next steps for you

Invest in yourself. Book your Movement MOT now

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What my clients say

  • “I honestly don’t know how I’d have managed these past few months without the very focused support, the absolute positivity and the overwhelming sense of empowerment that I have gained from your Pilates sessions. My heartfelt thanks.”

  • “I must say you have changed my view on Pilates completely. Despite having had back problems in the past, my exercise regime has always been rather full on and I have never really enjoyed Pilates. However, your approach has changed my view completely and I now really think about my body and posture. I also appreciate how much Pilates complements my other exercise and I wouldn’t be without it. So a big THANK YOU!”

  • "Thanks for all your help and for a fantastic session. I’ve really benefitted from your expert tuition. We were talking on Saturday about people who are gifted. I think you are one of them. You listen well and then teach me in a way that works for me. That is gifted, in my book. Thank you."

  • “I have really enjoyed the class and the understanding that it also provides regarding body mechanics and how it all works!! I find this really useful and much more beneficial than any Pilates classes I have done over the years in the past - so thank you!”

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