Live free of pain and stiffness. Feel stronger and healthier with a hands-on treatment at complete movement.

Our massage and other therapists can help you by listening to your needs and working with you to allow you to discover a new, more comfortable way of moving. Our treatment enables you to releases muscular and emotional tension helping you to become pain free and relaxed.

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Our therapists are some of the best in the business.

Our Massage therapists work on your body and can help you with sciatica, lower back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain and other aches and pains. Book in for remedial massage, sports massage, seated massage or pregnancy and post-natal massage.

CranioSacral therapy could be described as the most gentle massage you’ve ever had. Our therapist works using light touch. This treatment is especially good if you’ve experience a trauma or accident. It’s also great for anxious children or babies with colic.

Our relaxing studio space makes having massage or cranio-sacral therapy with us a real treat.

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What my clients say

  • “I honestly don’t know how I’d have managed these past few months without the very focused support, the absolute positivity and the overwhelming sense of empowerment that I have gained from your Pilates sessions. My heartfelt thanks.”

  • “I must say you have changed my view on Pilates completely. Despite having had back problems in the past, my exercise regime has always been rather full on and I have never really enjoyed Pilates. However, your approach has changed my view completely and I now really think about my body and posture. I also appreciate how much Pilates complements my other exercise and I wouldn’t be without it. So a big THANK YOU!”

  • "Thanks for all your help and for a fantastic session. I’ve really benefitted from your expert tuition. We were talking on Saturday about people who are gifted. I think you are one of them. You listen well and then teach me in a way that works for me. That is gifted, in my book. Thank you."

  • “I have really enjoyed the class and the understanding that it also provides regarding body mechanics and how it all works!! I find this really useful and much more beneficial than any Pilates classes I have done over the years in the past - so thank you!”

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