Harriet HainRemedial Massage therapist

Harriet Hain, a Remedial & Sports Massage therapist, has a passion for helping people.

Harriet’s remedial and sports massages are treatments that anyone can benefit from, including those who take part in regular physical activity/sports or those in demanding jobs, where postural stress is present and can have similar characteristics to sports injuries.

As an advanced remedial and sports massage therapist Harriet will assess where you need treatment and what may be causing your pain.

Harriet is one of the best massage therapist in East Lothian. Clients say that they feel 10 years younger after only a few sessions with her. Harriet’s problem solving abilities and wide variety of advance massage techniques and advanced remedial and sports massage training are what set her apart. The eldest of two sisters and a brother, Harriet’s journey to massage started in a small rural village in the scenic Scottish Borders. Feeling the benefits of great massage herself, Harriet undertook a degree in Complementary Medicine & Health Sciences BSc (Hons) and a subsequent qualification in Advanced Remedial and Sports Massage. As part of her continuing development Harriet has also trained in additional integrated myofascial release techniques.

Many conditions can benefit from remedial and sports massage. For example sciatica, carpal tunnel, stiff necks, headaches, sports injuries and many more.

Harriet is also a specialist in pregnancy and post-natal massage which can help with lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain and hip pain by relieving muscular tension as well as assisting in reducing stress and increasing relaxation.

Her warm compassion and kind nature, combined with her skills as a massage therapist, contributes to a massage experience that is incredibly effective in pain relief as well as being simply magical.

Harriet is currently on maternity leave.

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