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East Lothian's Premier Professional Pilates & Therapy Space

At Complete Movement, we don't fix you - we work with you. We listen and understand so that together we can help you to get a better understanding of what's going on and achieve your goals or alleviate pain.

We use a number of techniques including individual specialist Pilates, group Pilates, Remedial & Sports Massage and Cranio-Sacral Therapy. With world class training, we are lucky to work from the delightful East Lothian in Scotland. Clients travel to us from across Edinburgh, the Lothians, the Scottish Borders and farther afield.

We'd love to help you so please contact us with any queries or feel free to book a session directly by clicking here.

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For the lovely clients who we already work with, we really appreciate your kind words. If you would like to share your feedback, please visit our Google+ page to leave a review.

Maureen Evans
Specialist Pilates Teacher

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New! Book your 30 minute body movement MOT and redeem the cost against your first 55 minute Individual Pilates lesson. . Browse available appointments (in green) and select any Pilates 1-1 slot.

Retirement Planning - book your "body MOT" to find out what you need to do for an active retirement
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Our excellent Remedial Massage therapists are some of the best around.. Find out more.

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Our Services

  • Pilates, especially the way that we teach it, is about bringing your body’s awareness to how you are moving to change movement patterns and move with greater ease and without pain.

    You've spent your whole life developing these patterns so changing them can take time. Our Individual Pilates is our premium service and allows you to take that time and really make a sustainable change.

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  • Our therapeutic remedial massage provides relief from muscular aches, tension and increases lymphatic drainage, whilst also increasing circulation, joint mobility and improving muscle tone.

    By understanding your whole body, we can help to get the the root cause of issues rather than just deal with immediate aches and pains.

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  • Growing research is showing the profound impact from this therapy on your complete system and sense of wellbeing, from your physical aches and pains, to your emotional experience.

    The therapy is a very subtle yet deeply profound and involves very light, non-manipulative touch at various points of the body.

    Bryony Smith, our Cranio-Sacral therapist is skilled in ‘listening’ to the workings of your body to facilitate optimum health and well-being.

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